Friday, May 27, 2011

Spread The Word

The value of gathering opinion is not just hearsay.

It's the recording of testimonials, personal thoughts, information and social trends at the same time – all with personality. And it's all real. Unscripted. The resulting informal data resonates with stakeholders and peer groups alike.

Yesterday, an opportunity to do just that. The questions were planned in advance: designed to allow the folks being interviewed to provide a wide range of opinions and expertise. The responses were interesting and varied.

It's an inclusive process, where a wide range of people from various backgrounds are asked to provide their thoughts. And all invited to participate yesterday chipped in with enthusiasm.

No one said, "Oh, sorry can't make it."

Recording comments and support for initiatives is a great tool. In this day and age, technology allows us to capture these comments easily. With strategy, planning and the participation of a few key professionals, the final product can be very effective in presentations, posted on websites, blogs and all forms of social media.

Thanks to all who participated. Best comment of the day? "It's a no-brainer."


  1. Oooh cool! I get special permission to comment on multiple posts! Kind of necessary for me because I can't keep up and usually read a week's posts at a time -- which is kind of fun to do. I like the way your mind flows amongst topics :)

  2. Thanks Linda, just grateful it still flows!

  3. The best comment of the day was 'It's a no-brainer'... but what was the question? I'm puzzled.

  4. Hi Lynn Marie! Sorry. Initial questions would have been general, like "What are your thoughts on 'this issue?' (insert the topic of your choice.) The final question would ask what they thought about your project to provide a solution to the issue. This is where the "It's a no-brainer" comes in. I should have said that. Thanks!

  5. I like gathering opinions. In the workplace, it invariably gives me a different perspective on what I thought I knew.

    And you know that pesky question I often ask my husband, "WHY do you DO that!" I sometimes really want to know, "Why do you do that???" The answers are never heresay and are always revealing.

  6. We could write a book, n'est pas? LOL