Thursday, May 5, 2011

For All Those Sweating The Details

For all those who give up their nights, overnights and weekends for the cause... for all those who wake up at two in the morning with a thought and write it down... for all those who come in early and leave late; who drink a pot of coffee in one gulp... for all those who worry a job to death... and for all those who go out of their way to make sure their work is the best it is allowed to be... and in the end, act like it is nothing at all...  this is for you.

You are all the heroes of industry and the champions of professionalism, excellence, quality, client relations, patience and perseverance.

This pre-moistened towelette may not seem much in tribute, and I did rip it off from a luncheon that I wasn't invited to, and it is just a photo that I took on my kitchen table... but those in the trenches enjoy any weird, appreciative gesture. Sometimes the weirder the better.

To those not in the creative process, I can't really explain it except to say it's all part of the mojo of the scene and how dedicated artists and copywriters bond.

And so I announce the Refreshing Towel Award. Feel free to bestow it on someone who sweats the details day in and day out.


  1. I'll take one! ... although I guess it's kind of tacky to bestow upon oneself... so, you take one too, okay? I'm a bit too busy to know who else needs one, but I know they're there and deserve the award as well.

  2. Not at all. Tacky is relative. Like an Uncle who trims toenails in public...