Monday, May 30, 2011

Wanted: The Computer I Was Promised

What's with these machines anyway? It was predicted that with the oncoming of the computer age us humans would have more leisure time to sit on patios and drink those drinks with umbrellas and nibble on strange finger foods from foreign fingers...

But it seems like we're working harder and longer than ever. What is with that?

It's time is to make these blasted machines take the next step. Enough of the chains that bind us to them like lowly, second-class slaves. For crying out loud we got cars that can parallel park themselves, patio lights that automatically turn themselves on and off, non-stick frying pans and coffeemakers that turn themselves on!

Hear me Apple? Hear me IBM? Hear me software developers? If you want to give people what we really want, as opposed to what you think we need, stop fiddling around with frivolous upgrades, toy tablets, silly apps and puzzling programs and give us our freedom.

Let us walk into work, say hello, flip a switch, tell the computer what to do today, who to send the files to and how to respond to requests. Five, ten minutes tops. Then we're off. We have a life to live and it ain't in front of a keyboard and screen.

You have our order. Awaiting delivery.


  1. Now THAT's bitchin! You deserve an award for getting out front and asking for what we all were promised.

    I want my leisure time, too.

  2. Haha! Thanks Lynn Marie! Bitchin! is us!