Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Internet Buds

Two kids in a playground. Buds.

Buds are a special breed. They are more than friends. They are those who you can hang out with without fear that all they want to do is sell you insurance. They are the folks who know the meaning behind what you say even when you aren't really sure you know what you mean. And you can rest assured that they won't take off-handed comments the wrong way. You can stand with them without having to say anything. And when you get in a pickle with one of the other kids in the playground, they got your back. A look or a word is as good as a novel... okay, a short story.

Recently, I have found that you can not only meet buds in your childhood, in school, or in your workplace, but from your online acquaintances as well. It is somewhat of an enigma to this old soul. While not expecting it, over the past few years online I found a few. We hang out, shoot the breeze, share a laugh and when something goes down the garbage disposal of life that wasn't supposed to, we're there with a figurative wrench.

Shows to go you: good people are good people, even if they happen to live a few thousand miles away... and you've never really met.


  1. Yes! You can build online friendships that are just as important as offline ones. Those who are lucky turn those friends into offline ones, too. The joys of talking to someone online is that there is no room for judgement and it is based only on the written conversation...if anything, this is where the true essence of friendship lies - the communication. If only our offline relationship could be the same and not consumed with appearances and materialism.

  2. Thank you Gabriella. Too true. Although I'm quite content keeping online friendships online. (The catering charges would add up over time.)

  3. Okay Rand MacIvor. I'd like to be considered a bud. Can one be a part-time bud? (Part-time purely based on time limits) I just read through a slew of the posts I've missed in the last couple of crazy weeks, and honest beans, you make me smile. I love your writing style, your thoughts, your nuttiness and your sincerity. I was reading along, thinking, gosh I like this stuff. Then I came to this one and thought, yes, Rand's a bud. Thanks for all your sharings!

  4. Thanks Patricia, I thought you already were!

  5. Phew! (one musn't assume, right?) :D