Sunday, May 22, 2011

Great Times At The Drive-Thru

It's wonderful working for a living. And it's fun picking from all the choices one has in the proper disbursement of disposable income. The buying power of my dollar is scintillating. Once income tax is taken off the top, the car payment paid, the insurance and utilities satisfied, the rent rented and the dog food store fed, it's time to spend, spend, spend!

The options for my almighty dollar in this modern day world are astounding. And dining out is my nirvana.

I can't afford an expensive outing often – not if I'm going to shore up my government's finances and keep the utility companies going at the same time.

I've learned to align both my budget and my expectations with my environment. If I pull into the drive-thru I'm not expecting a five-star event, just as much as I wouldn't expect burgers and fries on the menu of a fine dining establishment.

And I have to admit, the drive-thru experience is nothing to be sneezed at.

It's actually a wonderful culinary adventure. You can dress how you like, select your own mood music and choose the eventual place of your dining experience: perhaps with a view! You get to give your order into this tiny box, drive up and pay in one window, drive a little further and get your order from another window (separate windows so as not to contaminate the cuisine with sordid cash). And then, with a cheery smile, you are rewarded with your own bag of food containing individually wrapped items, as ordered. It's easy to imagine them custom-made and lovingly wrapped by elves. Your drink comes with its own hermetically sealed drinking straw and it's fun taking the paper wrapping off. You get to poke the straw through a hole in the top of the plastic drink cover. Then the best part: condiments and extras. Cute little packets of ketchup, mustard and sometimes vinegar. Salt and pepper. Sealed plastic bags with utensils and neatly folded napkins. And if you don't use them, you get to keep them to give out as party favors at birthday parties and such.

And then, to wrap up a wonderful outing, I suggest a trip through the Touchless Car Wash. Just like a ride in one of those fancy theme parks!


  1. was this your post coronation street brunch? :) It is a true experience... :) We need more drive-thrus.

  2. Yes. Plus, if you leave your windows open in the drive-thru car wash, you don't have to take a shower that day!

  3. You also have the fun of trying to open the sachets of condiments. Optimistically they invite you to "Tear Here" and show you a neat quarter circle of dotted line. Try that in your car with nothing but your two front teeth to get you started on this precision job. Or there's the creamer sachet - again with a jolly "tear here" in the midst of its zig-zag sealed top. Do the designers of these sachets ever try to use them? They must have whole wardrobes of tomato ketchup with encrusted creamer stained shirts and blouses (either, or, or both if you like).

  4. Definitely, Anthony. A fine testament that the drive-thru experience comes with both suspense and drama... lol

  5. Lynn Marie Caissie has left a new comment on your post "Great Times At The Drive-Thru"and then klutz Rand accidentally deleted it:

    "Let me add to the drive-thru experience the pleasure of listening to the music of your choice from your own car stereo, with windows up or windows down, as you savour your gastronomical delights."

  6. I should never attempt to publish a post on the iPhone while brushing my teeth... that would be a crime if I was driving!