Friday, May 6, 2011

Just For Fun


  1. Funny you should post these. We were at the Allan Gardens Conservatory last weekend, enjoying the lush blooms. My daughter was taking pictures with her phone, so I took some too - until my phone died. The Gardens were a refuge from the rain.

    Today is sunny, and I snapped a few pictures from my own garden: daffodils, full-blown tulips and something pretty growing in proximity to a Gerber Daisy: pinks, yellows, oranges, blues.

    Peonies are growing like weeds!

    My bucket is thick with chives. A good thing, too, as I ran out of the frozen stuff from last year.

    I'm an accidental gardener, with some growth overshadowing other more humble plants, but I like what I have.

  2. Thanks Lynn Marie. I was fortunate to move into a house over five years ago that, once the snow goes away these colorful things appear. I have no idea what they are but it happens every year like clockwork. Glad to know it's happening to others as well. lol