Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Paths Of Our Pasts

We all come from somewhere. If we are fortunate, we live where we grew up and walk the paths of our ancestors every day.

Some of us have grown away over time, been places, seen wonders and settled in distant lands.

Still, we bring remembrances of our past and stories of those who laid the flagstones of our trip through life generations ago.

While where we are now is important, who we are is built on where we come from... our roots.

And when we get a chance to visit, even in our dreams, a tiny part of our heart comes alive.


  1. The wonderful part is discovering it IS possible to go home again! The rocky rock on the path still wobbles after all these years but it does give one a sense of familiarity...


  2. Interesting that this comes from the same guy warning against mothers moving in :) Still, lovely sentiments.

    Did you find your pink flamingos?

  3. Oh, that was my evil twin brother, Mr. Doppelganger... and no, my pink flamingos are long gone I'm afraid... Thanks Linda!

  4. Your post calls to mind something that Gilles Vignault or Claude Léveillée or another of the Québec chansonniers said, and I misquote:

    You can walk the globe and travel far and wide for many years, but the earth from your home will always cling to the heels of your shoes.

    I doubt I am as economical in words as the original quote, but your post brought back to me the day I heard it. I was away in Europe, and feeling homesick - or just back from Europe and grateful to be home.

  5. Thanks LM. Funny what we remember given the right prompt. Glad I was able to help!

  6. Rand,

    Had an interesting conversation awhile back with a group of clients . . . what choices led you to where you are today?

    For example, all of my formal education was in aeronautical engineering, yet I now spend my time helping large pharma companies implement critical chain project management. Exploring the path from point B to point R is one I heartily recommend ;D