Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Three Ah-h-h Day

The soft sounds of a turtle dove's song lifted my eyes to the branches overhead this morning. She was just catching the morning light. Ah.

Which lead to a quick shot. Which lead to this illustration. Ah-h.

Which lead to rediscovering Lord Alfred Tennyson...

“And oft I heard the tender dove
In firry woodlands making moan.”



  1. Ah, Dear Rand, I arrogate myself to trust that you created this Nature's scenic canvas to cast a deep impact in my bio-rhythm- a rustic villager from an un-known space.! It sicerely led me to several dimensions of thought processes. as I endeavoured to digress what triggered in you to be a recipient to the soulful whispers of a young and romantic wistful Dovey early dawn in your bower..!! To me it's a master piece of art.

    The first picturesque sequence that appeared before me, revolved around the immortal singer queen Nightingale, who sang through the whole of a night in spring, transferring drop by drop in trickle despite severe pains, her blood to the tender petals of the only Rose to turn them into Blood Red to facilitate her Master to dutifully comply with the request of his own Soulful-mate. An epic of supreme sacrifice in support of immortal Love, was enacted..

    A different thought, which engulfed me later at this old age, related to the cages of freedom in which the quiet Birdie-Soul, perched within this mundane flesh and blood- you term it Body- in meditation and trance, has engaged itself in learning and training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility through attainment of the Absolute Knowledge, Wisdom in total devotion.. The Birdie awaits the day of deliverance to break its present willful Cage to set itself at permanent Liberty and Freedom, where the pains and pangs of earthly Hunger, un-healthy Desire, Jealousy, un-wanted Greed, Deceit, etc are eternally prohibited.

    Thanks for your weblink and creative piece, triple ah, ah, ah....
    With Love, only Love and Love Ever

  2. Appreciate your wonderful narrative, Prof. Subbu! Thank you :o)

  3. The truth of it is that every day is a three aaaaaah day. It's just on some days, it's hard to see the doves for the trees.

    Lovely image Rand, glad you took the time to stop and look.

  4. Thanks WW and Mikey. To preserve the sanctity of the moment you'll notice I wasn't standing directly underneath the bird...

  5. that is good... there are many scenarios that I can imagine that would really ruin a good moment...