Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Schoolyard Puddle Art

Longer days now. Melting snow. I cut across the deserted schoolyard on my way home.

The ground still echos with peels of delight and rubber boots splashing into puddles.

Gone may be youthful play but with it comes the calm. Surrounding trees take their turn to paint their pictures.

Nature's art on a playground canvas.

Night falls soon. And with it all will fade to black. Until another tomorrow.


  1. guru rand is deeply philosophical with the changing seasons and increasing sunlight... :) Sweet.

  2. These are beautiful, Rand. I wanted to identify myself but the red box kept telling me my url had illegal characters (!) so I am outing myself as Freddie McKenna. ;-)

  3. Thank you WW and Freddie! Guru - no. Playing - yes. Glad you both enjoyed!