Monday, March 28, 2011

Leadership: Following Peanut's Chosen Path

A few years ago my dog Peanut blew out not one but both his rear knee ligaments. He's fine with daily glucosamine supplements, but he still has to take it easy – which seems to be fine with him. He doesn't chase balls anymore. Actually, I both throw and fetch the balls and he holds up the score cards.

After his injuries I began to go out after a snowfall to shovel a path for him through the deep snow in the backyard to give him an easy route to take for his daily chores. But I found he wouldn't keep to where I'd shoveled. Go figure.

So this year I let him go first and followed behind, clearing his chosen path. When he looked back, there I was in case he got into trouble...

Now he's happy.

And I learned what is perhaps my most valuable leadership lesson...


  1. tough lessons are taught by the best "people"

  2. Plus, the view is so much better off the beaten path.