Monday, March 14, 2011

In The Shadows

We tend to weave our way around shadows by instinct. Shadows are the undefined areas where sight is suddenly limited. Lurking in the shadows are untold terrors and the demons of the night.

Truth be told, shadows are welcome. They help define sight. If we eradicate shadows, stands to reason we eradicate light...

...for shadows are not sinister. They add definition and most importantly, nuance. Without both, vision is flat. Words and numbers lose their dynamic and fade...

... and without dynamics, we lose dimension. Dimension is the celebration of where light does not fall. For when we see a lack of light, we also see what blocks it. And in that moment, that object becomes real. If we're lucky, we can ride that thought to see more...

... the magic that links shadows and light and creates a unique perspective in time.

Once imagined  – talking becomes sharing, a peanut butter cup becomes a feast for the gods, having sex becomes making love, work becomes passion, blurred understandings become clarity, the mundane turns into the marvelous and...

...shadows become the reason for light.


  1. I love the pictures and that I now have a new way to enjoy shadows. I forgot how much fun we used to have playing with shadows until now.

  2. thanks karin. comments like yours make it all worthwhile.

  3. Great pictures and reminder. Certainly the shadows in our lives make our joys more intense. . .

  4. A wonderful comment from a bright light. Thanks Ada!

  5. Only the shadow knows.

    There is nothing in the darkness that is not there in the light.

    Beautiful photos Rand. You have a very good eye. Shadows are something of a mystery. Ever try to paint them? The shading...the shadows...make the painting. They give the image movement, depth, reality. You do good, my friend.

  6. Shadows ground us. Without them we float.

  7. Thanks Mike, appreciate the compliment. And Kristy! Whoah! Great stuff!

  8. And then we came from the shadows toward the light...

    Although it is difficult to get beyond the numerous surreal clouds casting their shadows over Japan at this delicate moment in time, we must continue to gravitate toward the light...

    Hope springs...
    six days...
    A hopeful spring.


  9. a Peter pan moment - just don't lose your shadow or you will have to sew it back on! :) I like to think of it like - you never travel alone! :)

  10. Gee WW, I like that one too! Would you guys stop being so incredible?