Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Social Media Misnomer

Really, I have to ask you, does this guy look like a criminal? Of course not. A bit woolly-headed perhaps, but certainly not malicious.

I'm not one to post about social media topics simply because many already do it so well. But when I heard the term sockpuppet is being bantered about to define individuals in social media who register themselves under a false name and converse as someone other than their true identity for purposes of deception: I felt it my civic duty to speak up.

Deception = sock puppet? I'm sorry, but someone must have been smoking something. It's a misnomer of the first degree, akin to assigning a miniskirt to a hippopotamus, or equating hairy, snorting, 300 pound wrestlers to baby ducklings.

I realize that we all characterize trends and issues by the use of 'catch phrases' and clever word associations; but using the name of these lovable creatures as a classification for fraudsters, wackos and conniving impersonators is just so wrong.

I have known more than a few sock puppets in my life, including my friend Cufflink (above – he hasn't a deceptive bone in his body). Sock puppets have a special link to mankind. Our children both make and love them. They have fuzzy, innocent hearts. They know all your secrets and don't tell. They make funny faces at the drop of a hat. They tell stories, sing songs and crack jokes. They are as entertaining as Shari Lewis' Lamb Chop and as helpful as the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre.

This must end. Lend your hand in support of the sock puppets we love! Share this post. We must speak for them because, after all, we are their voice!


  1. Gee I would hate to think this bad rap was started by my observations in response to your blog of: Friday, November 5, 2010
    "The Weekend Mystery of the Missing Socks"!

    Nope, I'd need an ego the size of Harper to think I would have such an effect! LOL!

  2. Oh, I had quite forgotten that post, Barb. No, I'm sure it has no relation as the term has been bandied about since the early '90s. If I'd only found out about it before now, I would have launched action earlier!

  3. That's not sock puppet. That's a photo of my old physics teacher.

  4. I LOVE sock puppets. Agree - it's poor choice of words to define social media voyeurs.

  5. Thanks Mike and Kristy. Mike... it is, sorry. Made Cufflink myself but am glad to remind you of an old acquaintance...

    Kristy... appreciate your support. Am thinking of an online petition. Suggestions welcome :o)