Monday, March 7, 2011

In Defense of Intellectual Stupidity

I suppose I can't post a headline and visual like this and not give it some sort of explanation.

Have you ever done or blurted out something that you thought was apropos, but looked back later only to discover to your dismay that it was an utterly, totally and simply stupid moment?

A few of us simply haven't. Some of us have occasionally and for those of us that do it all the time – "Like, isn't that friggin' NEAT?"

I have a habit of doing and saying stupid things and have come to 'become one' with my stupid moments. I figure it's an art. And the only way I've found to know when you've reached the epitome of intellectual stupidity is when you're in a conversation and you open your mouth to say something and everyone in the room stops talking, waiting wide-eyed for something totally idiotic to come out of your mouth.

Some take years to get to that level of intellectual stupidity. Some never gain status. As far as I know, there is no course or degree to take that would allow you to perfect the art of stupid moments. I don't think its either hereditary nor genetic (if those two things are different). It's all in the art.

To all who dedicate themselves to the art of intellectual stupidity – take heart. For in the midst of all who declare "Okay now, that was stupid!" may be the one person who has the wisdom to retort, "No, it's not, actually."

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  1. I would add that attaining perfection in the humble art of being stupid, one must practice, practice and practice again. I have, therefore I am.....stupid.On the whole, putting my foot in my mouth is my standard environment. This is the arena where I work at optimum output!

    "Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt."

    Can't argue with Mark Twain.

    Basically, I agree with you Rand. However, in my case, there are college level classes and studies that have in fact moved me well up on the stupid scale. Physics, advanced math and any foreign language I ever attempted to grasp. I can say dumb things in several languages!