Monday, March 21, 2011

Where Everything Else Is Not

This is a "not dot". It certainly is a dot, of course, but where everything else is everywhere else, in this dot it is not. 

Explanation: I was home ill today with a bit of a bug, without a thing to eat in the house. By mid-afternoon I thought I needed to eat something so I went down the street for a pizza. At the back of the parking lot there is this dot painted on the wall of a warehouse... forgive me... it got me thinking... I may have been delirious...

1 comment:

  1. I don't think you were delirious. I do, however, believe you went for pizza with Dr. Seuss. Was he making a house-call? Obviously you were pondering the age old question: When is a dot not a dot? When, of course, it is a "not dot" about to fall from a wall!!! (insert illustration and explanation here...) LOL!

    Hope it made you feel better. Nothing like a good ponder for what ails ya!