Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birdseed For Thought

Don't tell my boss, but once in a while I have to get up from my desk, if for no other reason but to stop staring at pixels for a few moments. What's more, sometimes I even go outside for some fresh air (how reckless and adventuresome am I?). Mostly I just go out to stand in the sun, if there is sun. If it's raining I stand in the rain. If it's a blizzard, I stand in the blizzard.

Today, I met this little guy. He was happily munching away at some seeds someone had left on the ground. He chose not to tell me his name nor ask for mine. I didn't have to present my credentials. He didn't care if I was having a bad hair day, or if one sock didn't match the other, or if my antiperspirant was failing, or my shoes were scuffed, or if my teeth still revealed remnants of the lunch pasta from the cafeteria. And he didn't look askance at my presence; like I was either too important to talk to, or no one important at all. I didn't feel the need to say the right thing or impress or please. He just seemed happy that I was there. We just hung out for a little while.

What a breath of fresh air that was...


  1. silent company can be the best time when you are sharing a pleasant moment... :)

  2. Strangers sometimes can be the warmest being close to you. Be a stranger to others.