Friday, April 1, 2011

Your Inner Kiddo

It's Friday night. The weekend is here. You have laundry that has piled up over the week, half your belongings are packed up in preparation for the guys who are coming to tear out your windows tomorrow, you brought work home with you and a myriad of chores await.

Tonight, or sometime over the weekend, take a little while to forget about oil changes, bills that need to be paid, light bulbs that need to be replaced, that nasty royal blue bedroom that needs to be painted and put those stinky toilet bowl brushes right out of your mind.

There is a kiddo inside of you that wants to just fool around for no good reason.

So, for an hour, a morning or even a whole day, boot that adult stuff out of the way and take time to laugh at will, to sing a song, to make rude noises, to bake cookies... to paint a picture... to be just plain silly.

There will be lots of time to be an adult again on Monday morning.

What do you do when you come out to play?


  1. Eeek wait! I'm not playing... waaah! :(

  2. I read your posts.
    I listen to Stuart McLean on CBC.
    I shop with my daughter.
    I cook our favourite things and fill the kitchen with yum and the house with hmmmmm.
    I have a beer with my husband or a glass of wine with my neighbour.
    I listen to music like the Medieval Babes.
    I share secrets with my girlfriend, and we laugh our heads off.
    I have conversations.
    I read your posts and have more conversations.

  3. Wonder Woman, that's not like you! Try to play soon... Try the cats, after all you're a member of their staff...

    Lynn Marie, whoa, a list! Good for you. I will have to access you when I run out of ideas. BTW do you have a difficult time putting your head back on after you laugh it off? I do. :o)

  4. I go on Face Book and look for bathroom humour amongst my friends!!! And then I respond accordingly...

    By making tasteless jokes! LOL! Snart! LOL!