Sunday, April 10, 2011

TDOW (The Death Of Words)

Fast, fast, fast. The world is one huge passing lane and we gleefully barrel down the road at speeds that would curl Grannie's hair and give flight to poor old Uncle Albert's glued-down toupée. Knock me down and call me Suzie!

We are truly the chosen ones. We put the most in uppermost. Technology not only serves up quick solutions for our daily lives but a whole new language... ah... without actual words involved.

After all, words are so... so... cumbersome, aren't they? Finding the right ones often takes too long and even then we may still be misunderstood.

Acronyms have been around for over 6000 years and until recently were reserved for official things like larger corporations – NBC, IBM, GMC... It was a pretty cool idea for a secretary who had to answer the telephone several dozen times a day. It's only been within the last 50 years or so (thanks to social media, methinks) that the practice has seeped into our daily lives.

We all know the more common ones – OMG, LOL, LMAO, ROFL, WTF – phrases that have been incorporated into our daily email, text mail and notes. The number of acronyms in our daily vernacular are simply TNTC (Too Numerous To Count). There is a new dictionary. Language is being reduced. 

Keep this to yourself, but this is actually the first step in an evolutionary trend where pretty soon both words and acronyms will be passé. The use of keyboards and voice boxes will be seen as second class. Technology will give us the key to replace not only writing but talking. Speech, emails, text messages and all forms of communication will all be replaced by impulse transference. Computers will cease to be external devices but chips implanted in our brains. We will become directly linked to the WWW, our physical location and condition will not matter and we will become BLOBs (Big Lumps Of Blubber). 

TIFM (Take It From Me) if you have stock in anything hardware or fitness related – sell. TTFN.


  1. LOL! U r so right! I don't even know the entire contents... of the fancy new dictionary... ttyl! :) ME!