Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good Bull

We meet the bull and he is us.

No matter who we are or how genuine our intentions, there will be those who will consider our opinions, tweets, chatter and smiles and posts as... well, drivel of a male bovine nature.

It only takes a bad choice of words or a cranky reader's eye to enter the world of the misinterpreted.

Let us recognize bull for what it is; just another form of communication. One without a lot of meaning of course, but gee whiz Wally, we get enough meaning from things like the back of cereal boxes and television commercials about the dangers of STDs. Face it, we all have the capability to produce it and sometimes it's just plain fun. Let's remove the stigma and let the stuff flow freely.

Embrace your inner bull!

And let us also celebrate the bull in others. If we don't find a posting has enough bull, let us contact the person and say "I'm sorry but your post doesn't have enough bull. Could you please add more?"

I'm sure it will catch on. Remember where you heard it first.


  1. I'll admit I get behind on your posts, but then it's fun to read through bunches of them at one time :) Are you merely putting out bull, or simply entertaining us? Love Mr. Samples and your window post.

  2. Hi Linda, I thought you were economizing. Thanks for your comments and I'm not quite sure if there is enough bull in this post yet. I keep adding more... lol

  3. Rand, I'm not sorry to say you're full of it!

  4. If I hadn't acknowledged the inner bull I couldn't have spent all those years creating ads ... thank you, Rand, for bringing out the truth.

  5. Am honored by your comments, code name LCS249. :)