Sunday, April 24, 2011

Second Stories

Doris has just got back from the hospital with her first baby. Her husband Peter is rushing around clutching an old copy of Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care, 8th Edition trying to figure out how to sanitize baby bottles. Doris informs him she will be breastfeeding. Next door, Antonio is celebrating his 65th birthday by talking to his son in Nebraska.

Mary is upstairs working on the books and thinking about what to plant in her garden this year. Her father Ted would suggest tomatoes and carrots of course. But she is thinking a radical shift to herbs, Romaine lettuce and Cajun Delight chard is in order. Ted will just have to understand.

Marge is cooking her famous lobster marinara, drinking a glass of red wine and singing along with her favorite Tom Jones album, It's Not Unusual. Her husband Ralph is snoring away in his easy chair, oblivious.

Franky is practicing riffs on his keyboards following an all-nighter jamming with his new band. With Jackie on vocals he thinks that they finally have the chemistry they've been looking for. Next door, Natasha is phoning around to friends to see if anyone is up for dinner out and trying not to think about the job interview on Tuesday.

Edward is kissing his colleague Janice for the first time. He's been thinking about his affections for months, since his divorce came through, but was shy. She finally seduced him and he is overcome with gratitude.

Antonio has just gotten off the phone with his son and it rings again. He smiles, knowing it's his daughter in California. Reaching for the phone he can hear his late wife laughing. Next door, Muriel is watching A Fish Called Wanda for the umpteenth time and knitting a lilac sweater for her daughter who graduates this year. She knows she won't wear it but continues all the same.


  1. Been away, so I've missed a whole bunch of your posts... this is the first I saw, and what fun! I also like the new white background.... Nice!

  2. Thanks WW and Patricia! Glad you both had some fun.

  3. I love story snippets. And I really enjoyed the second storey photos. Did you take them? They are very reminiscent of parts of downtown TO.

  4. Thanks LM and yes, both snapped and stylized a tad.