Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pick Your Happy Level Carefully...

Don't you think that people who are happy all the time are slightly irritating? Do you cringe when someone says "Have a nice day" or "Put on a happy face"?

Turns out being adverse to 'happy' is a good thing because the more cheerful you are the fewer days you may have on earth.

According to an 80 year study those who are serious are more likely to outlive those who are happy.

I've always maintained that feeling happy is an unnatural state, one to be avoided. Sure I have my happy moments but I have always tried to keep them to a minimum. And now, with this study on longevity, I feel vindicated.

As I get older I have made unhappiness into a fine art. I practice my scowl and growl in the mirror everyday. I do not turn my frown upside down. I detest sunny days. I celebrate my irritability and negativity with fast food and unhealthy inactivity. To my mind, Happy is next to Dopey on the Seven Dwarf scale. When someone smiles at me I wonder what they want. I do not consider it to be my responsibility to cheer other people up, nor is it other people's duty to make me happy.

And if my misery should make others happy, this is an unintended byproduct and I should not be held responsible should they suffer an early demise.


  1. what about cheerful, giddy, peaceful, joyful, felicitous, whimsical? Can I still live a little longer if I get moments or polaroids of each of these sentiments? I like serious - and I too am getting pretty good at it... much to my chagrin... but it's nice to have those moments of natural high... :D

  2. well here's my unhappy for the day... why do I have to read the secret code word every time I want to comment on your posts? hmmm? hmmm? it makes me feel downright curmudgeony, bristling with dark-and-dreary-ness. forlorn and frustrated. grouchy!!! .... so I guess this means I'll live a long time!

  3. WW, it's up to you! Mac, me too! Patricia, it's to make sure you're a human bean and not some mechanical devise cleverly disguised. :o)