Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shaking Nature's Booty

So begins another generally awkward attempt at drawing a comparison between nature and our daily lives.

We can stop doing a lot of things. We can stop fidgeting. We can stop eating too many carbs and give up reading trashy dime store novels. We can stop making that strange noise we make with our tongue that we didn't know we were making until someone tells us. We can stop listening to what others tell us is good for us simply because they are usually right and that bugs us to no end.

But like the spring flower we can't stop growing. (Cute, eh – how I worked that in so smoothly?) The mere fact that we inhale and exhale in a regular fashion, means that we continue to grow out, grow in, grow up, or grow around. We learn; sometimes in spite of ourselves. Our figurative feet never stop moving. It's a mad dance and we're all shaking our booties.

For some that is a far prettier picture than for others.... 


  1. What a sec, you've got a crocus? Aren't you farther north than Cleveland? I'm feeling seriously ripped off. I need flowers too!

    My dog blew out her tendons too. The squirrels are safer now. Love your chickadee post and the sock puppet makes me smile :)

  2. Thanks Linda, appreciate your comments. We must have a heartier species of crocus up here. :o) Hope your soiree went well yesterday!