Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Stupid Post About Being Stupid

You may have been wondering just what stupid was.

Stupid is having eyes bigger than your stomach and having one more slice of pizza when that last one was enough. It's falling in love and becoming a blithering idiot. It's spending money on a whim and getting home to discover that whims shrink in the wash. It's stepping off the curb without looking both ways. And it's stupid chickens crossing the stupid road. It's saying something without thinking and it's thinking too much and not saying anything. It's crying over spilled milk and milk spurting out your nose when you laugh. Stupid is snorting when you laugh which makes you laugh more. It's about being too slow and not being slow enough to let things work out for themselves. It's getting stuck behind someone going 5 mph slower than you. Stupid is a mosquito in your bedroom when you're trying to sleep. It's furry green things growing in your refrigerator. It's two spaces after a period. And it's starting a sentence with an 'and'. It's toilet humor and sneezing when you have to pass wind. Stupid is trying to make something into what it's not. It's being goofy and not caring.

It's you and me being stupid together and laughing our heads off.


  1. Ah, stupid. I knew someday you would hop your blog down several steps to my level. Stupid. You have now entered my domain. This is the environment I operate most comfortably in.

    Last week, I crossed the terminals on the car's battery with a wrench. I don't think the wrench has landed yet, but if you find it, send back my hand, will ya? That whole sneezing passing wind thing has remained a life long conundrum. "And", not knowing your being stupid when your being stupid is a double secret stupid. Been that.

    I'll share a secret. Being stupid is not necessarily a bad thing. People learn not to expect much more out of you then a good laugh. Mom to daughter, "Rats, I dropped my wedding ring down the garbage disposal. Mommy, get daddy, he'll reach in there for know he will."

    Have I made myself clear, or am I just being stupid? If my comment is unclear, just give my index finger a good pull!

  2. (Rand's head falls off.) Thanks Mike, evidently you made it through the East Coast storm okay. Now that was stupid...

  3. It was stupid. We managed but one of our really big oaks collapsed and wrecked a neighbors roof. I am grateful none of us were hurt. Nasty night. I was stupid Rand, I knew that big old tree needed a haircut, or an axing, but I didn't take care of it. I have a hard time hurting trees. Love this blog. Always fun to wonder in and out of it.

  4. Stupid can be very endearing.

    Had a dose of stupid with two girlfriends last night. We laughed our heads off. It started with a retelling of an almost innocuous event, and then we were imagining everything that might have happened had someone said one more word, done one more thing. And if another friend had been involved.

    Well, you know where that goes: right into thigh-smacking hilarity.

    I love stupid!