Friday, November 15, 2013

The Thing About Mayor Ford

From casual research, this is what seems to be a popular assessment of Rob Ford's position (Mayor of Toronto – if you follow news at all, you must know who he is by now), according to gathered assessments on news and social media. The above graphic is not based on scientific data or personal opinion, it's just a chance to depict metaphors visually. I thought about adding reference to the feline race but thought better about being "catty".

It wouldn't take a real sensitive person to already be sick of the saga that has exploded over this issue and tired of hearing about it. At some point we have to feel bad for the guy. Not because, from his own words, he's probably done wrong on many levels as a leader and may be his own worse enemy, but because there's a pretty good chance he needs help. Like this article says, "It's Ford himself who must come to terms with his own personal issues and decide for himself how to tackle them." But hey, the media, comedians and politicians of all ranks around the world continue to jump on this man. They LOVE this controversy and it's all because they're making money, points and gaining attention from their condemnations and comments. Such is the state of media coverage.

Hell, even Charlie Sheen has tweeted to the guy. Come on.

So, good people might be tempted to say, let's start caring for people and concentrating on stuff that helps one another, not on the rabid attention that has the potential to tear him apart.


  1. You're just perpetuating the idea that Canadians are nicer than Americans. I'll admit I laughed at Jon Stewart making fun of him, but maybe Ford will be a wakeup call for other people who see something of their own behaviors in him? As for trash, 60 Minutes had a piece last night about a trash town in Paraguay where they turned trash into instruments and the kids are making beautiful music.

    1. Yes! I've seen that video Linda. Thanks for adding that to the post. And I agree on the wakeup call thingy. We remain hopeful together!

  2. Ugh! I'm so sick of hearing about the Montreal mayor, the Laval Mayor, the Toronto mayor, the Mississauga mayor, the Brampton mayor, the Regina mayor, the Ottawa senators (not the hockey team - the OTHER team)...