Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Out Of Context

I'd like it to be known I am now out of context. It's not like I had some and now have none left. I was not taken out of context, nor was I forced out. I am leaving context voluntarily.

Context is so limiting. It enslaves meanings to just one, when we all know there are many meanings one can apply when looking at a group of words. It's best to allow people to pick out a few words that suit their purpose. They're going to anyway.

I'm not talking about double entendres, where a line intentionally has two meanings, like "Kids make wonderful snacks," or "The man should get 5 years in the stolen guitar case." This is different.

People who live life out of context do so by:
1) not saying anything (knowing nods and one-eyebrow-raised expressions are permitted but major body language is discouraged)
2) being totally vacuous, noncommittal and unopinionated – or alternatively saying something off-topic like making a statement about grape-flavored lollypops in a discussion on nuclear power... or
3) whenever they have a complete, well-defined thought they jump right from it to a meaning that is not what they meant. For example, instead of saying "I thought the film was great if you don't mind a lack of acting talent, poor script, disjointed storyline and a plot interest reminiscent of a bad Harlequin Romance" they just say "I thought the film was great." It's sorta like cutting out the middle man and taking control of changing their own context before Quote Miners and Contextomers can get to it.

From now on please quote me in whatever context you like. Or, if you're stuck for one you can always use the old standby: Rand said, "No comment."


  1. this is fairly brilliant, my friend. and i love the graphic. :) (you may quote me) (i think)

  2. I've really got to work on my vacuous look :)

    1. Oh, on that point I could give lessons these days. lol