Saturday, November 3, 2012

No Whine Before Its Time

“It takes a genius to whine appealingly.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Some say whines should be gulped (cretins all) and some say sipped. But a very few recognize they should be rolled around on the tongue and savored. For most, whining is a Friday night on the town with the girls, a pastime or a hobby, but to a select few of proper breeding – a passion. And to true connoisseurs there is nothing more aggravating in this world than finding a fantastic, extraordinary whine with no appropriate time or place to enjoy it.

Introducing a service that guarantees that the whines you love are sent not to undeserving ears but saved for the most distinctive of palates.

Is your boss making you work overtime? Are your whites not white? Are your Vanilla Sugar Cookie scented Air Wicks just not satisfying? Are the edges on your new PowerBook too sharp? Is your Tumblr account down and you have nothing at all to do? Are you bored with your life and have no one to whine with because you're afraid of being labelled a whine-o-holic by those who are not properly educated? Don't waste them. Save them as whines of distinction. We here at MacIvor Of Purgatory will bottle your best gripes with care and discerning taste.  

Yes, you can keep a full cellar of the best and proudly display it for selected dignitaries to drool over.

Because, as we all know, the best place for fine whines... is in a bottle... with the cork firmly set in place.


  1. Uncorking a bottle or two, with discrimination, would certainly save a lot of bother getting all worked about about nothing...

    1. Always fun to do (with the proper company of course...) lol

  2. Do yo make a rosé? The Days of Whine and Rosés has a nice ring to it...


  3. It feels like whine has gotten more popular than water in Ohio lately. At least there's one thing we can agree on, we want the election to be over. Then maybe we can go back to an upper shelf of whine?