Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Two Most Dangerous Words In The World

Never muck with the laws of science and logic. The thought itself is preposterous. Ludicrous. Rubbish. Dangerous even.

Laws are there to protect us. Messing with them is a slippery slope. Who knows where it might lead?

Why, complete havoc might ensue. Officials will be called and nice men in white coats will visit. Things could get awkward.

Folks will be expected to think twice before passing wind while sitting in an innocent chair, or throwing a kumquat onto the cold, hard ground.

Good. So we're agreed. And thus ends our brief safari into irrational thought. Next week, more sane expeditions. Perhaps we'll talk politics, or religion. In the meantime, perhaps the nurse will come by and give us all sponge baths...


  1. very funny. especially the worm.

  2. Appliances tired of being used? In this era of consumerism, it's more likely that they would go the way of the batteries, and fresh appliances would be pressed into indentured service.

    "If you can toast one toast past the expiry of your warranty, I will stop using you and you can retire." (And I'll find a replacement, a fresher you, and say with pride that you outlasted your best before date!).

    1. Ah, planned obsolescence, just like human beans? Ha!