Friday, July 13, 2012

You. Supercrazynut.

Inside you lives the defender of the right to perform craziness. It is awakened the moment one of your buttons are pushed, when you see someone semi-famous, or at the appearance of Blue Meanies. Faster than a speeding baboon, uh train (sorry, Tourette's) and more powerful than an impact wrench thingy from Canadian Tire, (on sale this week for just $49.99), and adorned with lovely bracelets that deflect both paint balls and political canvassers. Your shield was made from the indestructible hide of the great hermaphrodite-pig, Porkius, who suckled Donaldus Duckus as an infant. Your Lasso of Lies has the power to urge those bound by it to write bad poetry. And your tiara serves as a decent projectile in moments of ring toss ecstasy. Evil-doers and gossip spewers cringe at the mere mention of your name. 

For you are, deep down; Supercrazynut.


  1. OMG! Ohhhhh my Gawd!! You've been going through my closet!!! Rand, you are incorrigible, letting my secrets out like this.

    (You forgot to mention the breast-plate, dented from many run-ins with Superextremenerd.)

    Are you watching re-runs of Whose Line is it Anyway? Your theme seems to be vaguely inspired by the Super Dudes in their skits...

  2. Thanks Lynn Marie. No closets! r.e. the breast plate (everyone has their own special accessories). (whisper answer: no!)

  3. LOL I can only wonder what inspired this post today?! I've gotta get me some of those bracelets.

    1. I have no idea, Linda. And I think bracelets are on back order. :)