Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Men's Fashion Fashionista

Fashion for men is interesting indeed. Let's spend a moment... I happen to have extensive knowledge of modern day origins.

Wardrobe for the male folk throughout history has been downright dowdy and dismal. We've come from (note: this is slightly condensed) animal skins to sackcloth to overalls to jeans to zoot suits to what we have today  – a veritable cornucopia of dress. Some dress for comfort, some dress down, some are ruled by tradition, and a few gross ones, bless their little hearts, just don't put on as much clothing as they really should.

But what we don't know is we really owe all our fashion sense today to four good men in the 20th century. No matter what our personal take on fashion is, it all emanated from these four. None were great fashion designers. They went with their guts. From the 'hanging out' jacket, until then only used in a room with padded wallpaper (rear view shown here to feature buckles and straps) to multitasking business apparel for superheroes (I made that up), to suits fashioned for moody motorcycle rebel (hunky) types to a vibrant highly reflective number complete with frilly bits; perfect for playing a piano – we can trace any of our apparel to these brave men.

Because of these trailblazers, most guys these days are more fashion conscience, taking into account that whatever we wear our clothes should allow functionality as well as express our individuality. Unless still dressed by mothers, men today search for fashion appropriate to who we are, what we do and what we want to say. The end.

Next week: beachwear that magically disappears in folds of skin... parental discretion advised.


  1. You didn't mention kilts. What about kilts?

    1. Stay tuned my friend. Kilts, man bras, tutus and drinks with umbrellas... :o)

  2. My favorite is Spiderman's Coat of Arms. Sounds very enveloping, although that qualifier could also go to Houdini's Lounge Jacket. I don't know - Liberace's Vested Interest has a definite, possessive ring to it. I don't know which one to get for my guy (he already has the Gorilla Suit)... men's fashions has me in a twirl!