Friday, July 6, 2012

Life According To Ducks

Sometimes it's not what you say but how you say it. Timing is everything (and one well placed word can say so much and lead to so many more down the road).

It's said that we are born with the intelligence of the universe, and then you hit the confines of the highchair and it all goes to hell, just for a plastic dish of puréed prunes.

"Well when I was a young pup. De-du-de-duh. My poppa said to me. De-du-de-duh. You gotta pay the price. De-du-de-duh. For every doggie cook-i-ie. Du-du-de-duh."

An innocent slip of the tongue and a modicum of neurosis leads so easily to self-condemnation and the certainty this is all part of a Woody Allen comedy gone horribly bad.

When we're young in age or spirit, we do nutty stuff. Most times (if not all) our dreams don't go as we hope (i.e. riches and fame) but that's okay because we knew the odds going in. Still, we take the time anyway. What the heck. It suppresses the urge to buy lottery tickets and besides, we might learn something in spite of ourselves. In developing Act Like A Duck the challenges were plentiful: character development, storyline, scripting, style, execution, putting it all together to send out to the syndicates and then, the never-ending joy of waiting for rejection slips. Finally, years and years later through the magic of the Internet, they are sent unwittingly to your computer screen, perhaps to be printed and stuck to fridge doors with magnets shaped like tiny little fruits, which completes the nefarious plan to torture the world one strip at a time.


Note: Normally I like to shake things up here both visually and thematically. My apologies, but for some reason the past few posts have gravitated to cartoon work. This is not done to bore the ever loving crap out of you. Obviously I have totally lost control. (I'm thinking Inner Bag Lady is behind it.) Ah well. One more post coming up to round out Bad Cartoon Fun Week. Then I'll lay off. Promise.


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    1. How can I now? Actually you were supposed to beg me to and send me money to get me to stop. After the next post you may be doing just that. :o) Thanks for your comment Kristy.

  2. I can always use a laugh! But then I tend to laugh at a lot of your things, comics or not :)

    1. Ha! Thanks. I get that a lot. More so when I was younger and dating.