Monday, July 11, 2011

Why To Avoid Online Logo Factories

Above: a graphic I tinkered with over the weekend to demonstrate the marriage of name, symbol and feel. I did this as an exercise (I do that – call me obsessed) after coming across a post on a professional LinkedIn group last week where a person posted a selection of logo roughs they had commissioned from one of those online logo factories. ("Highland Heritage" isn't the name of the company that the poster owned, by the way.)

Of the six or so logos shown, one used three different colored swipes as a symbol with no apparent reason other than someone thought it looked good, one played with a reflected letter that looked like something that could be for anyone, and another used a graphic of a clothes hanger for a company that didn't have anything to do with wearing apparel (or hanging). The selection left all members of the thread confused. Most advised the poster to go back to the drawing board and hire a qualified, experienced designer.

I must admit, I honestly don't get why people would resource these online logo factories.

Developing a brand identity is not plunking a few words down in the typeface de jour with a symbol that looks pretty. It's a whole process that includes a creative brief, developing a visual brand personality, and an understanding of the elements behind a sophisticated brand. It means making an investment in thought, in design and in presentation.

When you don't choose to make the investment, well, you get what you pay for...


  1. Cheers, Bravo, Well-said! All us designer-types thank you.

  2. (Rand takes a bow and splits his pant seat)