Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Giants Sleeping In The Sun

It was hot, sunny day so I let my car Missy take me for a drive. We headed out to the country, just two carefree spirits. Beethoven roared out of the speakers through open windows. We had a blast. After a while Missy stopped at the side of the road, shut off her motor and told me to take a look.

Giant hay bales lay in the sun waiting to be gathered.

Now I'm not one for hay fields but she seemed to be smitten. So I looked.

I never knew that she had a penchant for the pastoral (well, 'pastoral' without the sheep and the shepherds and the mountains and the other bucolic-like things...)

Historically, pastoral art and literature became more popular as man and vehicle migrated to the city, leaving the simpler life in the country behind. Pastoral landscapes appeared in Hellenistic and Roman wall paintings, interest in the pastoral revived in Renaissance Italy and later, French artists were also attracted. Experts and historians wondered what the pastoral allure was. Sir William Empson 1906 – 1984 (poet, lecturer, literary critic) refers to the pastoral process as 'putting the complex into the simple.'

Perhaps Missy was reminiscing about days of horse-drawn ancestors. Or perhaps, she spends so much of her time maneuvering tight parking lots and city blocks, a moment relishing a more distant horizon was refreshing.

Ah, the simple things that settle our souls.


  1. Yup - pastoral and wave therapy - vital!!!

  2. WOW! And I thought your dog was smart!!!

  3. Inspiration for a Saxton painting ... delicious scenes!

  4. Thanks all! Sometimes I post and think, "Well that was stupid." And then folks like you get it. And I go "Wow, maybe not..."

  5. I know: Missy is pretty smart, too. I like the way she says "putting the complex into the simple".