Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day


And a happy 4th of July to our friends to the south!


Rand and Peanut


  1. Happy Day to you my Canadian friend. AND (as you may know by now...) Happy National Ice Cream Month (here in the USA). So much goodness floweth!

  2. Ooooh! Ice cream has a month?!

    Cute puppy. I almost got a puppy like that. Would’ve if I’d had enough money for it at the time. I don’t have a ouija board, but I think my Penny wants the leftover chili in the fridge. Some day I’ll post something about manhole covers. One of my early projects was for adjustable rings to hold the covers. For some reason, nobody had ever thought to do that before, and each ring was custom-made for each cover. Insanity. As for the meaning of life, I’m pretty sure we’ll find out we’ve spent a whole lot of time doing the wrong things once it’s over. Either that or it’s as simple as the cartoon :)

  3. "Floweth" Patricia? I will have a sundae on Sunday in honor of ice cream month.

    Thanks Linda, Peanut and I met over the net. He was a rescue puppy. And at the end of the day, I suspect you're right about the life thing...

  4. Yes, "floweth", as in "cup" and "over". Surely your DNA smiled a wee bit. : )