Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smart Burtie and The Wire

Meet Smart Burtie. He hangs from a wire.

Like most of us reading this post, he's a nice person. Wears a nice bow tie (okay, nice clothes). Tries to say all the right things at the right times. Truth is, he's a nice person. Does his job well. Stays loyal to his cohorts. Loves his family. Plays his cards close to his chest. Yada yada yada.

All is not always peaceful in the kingdom of Smart Burtie though. Sometimes he feels absolutely STUPID for not being some maverick-entrepreneur-internationally-recognized-expert-with-an-Oprah-entourage-and-a-villa-in-Spain-with-all-the-money-in-the-universe.

Breaking free and flying high would be much better of course. But would it, Smart Burtie mused?

"Nuts," Smart Burtie found himself saying out loud to no one in particular. "Life is all about connectedness, hanging out and having a grand old time with everyone else on the wire."

The End.


  1. Now I want a bowtie... :)

  2. First-time visitor, having arrived here from a LinkedIn discussion.



  3. I will leave Maverick for the fighter pilots... :) I just wanna hang with my buddies too! :)

  4. Thanks for popping in Sawyer. Appreciate your appreciation.

    WW: I'll tell Tom Cruise to go fly a kite then.

  5. Just make sure they are LIVE WIRES! Jolts and sparks, in life, keep everyone hopping! LOL!


  6. Can we hang with friends AND have Oprah's money and the villa in Spain? Love your painting of Peanut :)

  7. Okay Barb, charging up! And thanks Linda, I'll put in the request :o)