Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Unscientific Moon

5:45 a.m. A bright winter moon lights the way for a pup who needs out after a long night. Einstein once said that he gained solace knowing the moon was there, even if he wasn't looking at it. 

This morning I looked. And I remembered that when I grew up the moon was made of cheese and you always looked for the man in the moon. Love meant spooning under the moon in June - the same moon that the cow jumped over. The very same moon that shone on that river for Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer's "Moon River" for a lovely Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's...

The same moon that lit the path for Hans Christian Anderson in 1840, while he wrote "What the Moon Saw."

The same moon that shone down upon me waiting at the kitchen door this morning. 

One night when you're looking for a sense of permanence in your hectic world, look up with an unscientific eye.


  1. I always enjoy the moon, especially on night watch and everyone else have gone to bed. It's so peaceful with just my watchmates, the wind, the sails and the occasional passing freighter.

  2. Ah, I am amazed at the imagery of Moon as presented differently by Rand. Moon represents pure pristine mind and un-polluted when left alone. Moon drives one mad with wild but sophisticated thoughts of love, affection and eerie kindness. Un-restricted imagination gets triggered in the Mindsdom. Romance is unleashed. Dear ones are remembered for company in serene scenic amphitheatre surrounded by Rein Deers and beatiful Angels in dazzling white. ' Cheesy ' snow drives to lunacy, which I prefer rather than roam tied up in dreary mundane earthly living. One day, I will ride on those cold and cosy Moonlit rays with my beloved to yonder Moon and never to return. Get merged in elemental state en-garbed in sublime love!
    Thanks a lot to the creative author Rand,who created differently with passion in heart..

    With Love, only Love and Love ever
    Love-bugged Moon-struck Prof. Subbu

  3. Happy sailing Colin! Prof. Subbu, thank you for your illumination. Am honoured by both of your comments as usual.