Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wanted: One Early Spring

Help! I ordered one on Groundhog Day weeks ago but it seems to be taking too long to arrive, making me think it got lost in the mail. So I am posting this in the hopes someone has one hanging around that they are tired of. A melt would do.

Will trade for maple syrup once the sap begins to run. And I get myself dug out.

Please hurry, this snowbank is beginning to affect my normally cheery outlook on life.

(And to the party that offered me sixteen blow dryers, thanks but I tried that last year and got iced in.)


  1. I came from warmer and greener pastures... why did I come back?
    I did however find you some urban art if you wish. Haha.
    I will send out a tablespoon so you can start digging yourself out and then come check out my photos... once i post them.

  2. Even a teaspoon would be welcome, WW. Send by dogsled.

    Will be glad to see some of your photos! Let me know!

  3. I'll send the St Bernard with the brandy keg to dig you out!!!!!!!

  4. Aww... :( Pretty nice here. Here's something from Texas to warm it up a bit. ;)

  5. We were teased with a spring-like day last week. Of course I was stuck inside at work. Then it got even colder than it was before. I think that Mother Nature has a mean sense of humor...

  6. Mac, just water the dog first before you show it my snowbank, okay? Vonnie-love, are you trying to kill an old man? And Ali, we should revoke MN's sense of humor license. 15 cm more coming... You might lose sight of my boots by tomorrow night...

  7. I am dreaming of wearing sandals....

  8. Absolutely.

    Altho grey wool socks are acceptable with Birkenstock sandals. A good substitute for winter boots. ;)