Monday, February 21, 2011

Sparkle Versus Art

I love washing dishes.

In fact, I am known in certain circles as the King of Dishwashers. Over the years I have painstakingly developed my patented 'technique' and I thought for a while I had taken dish washing to an art form. But I was mistaken. In the end, there is no difference between a dish that I clean and one that you clean. My dishes are not special. (deep sigh)

True art is no pile of plates. It speaks to people in a way that no stack of sparkle can. Dancers, writers, artists, designers, musicians – anyone involved in the development of creative communications all have a unique destination. Technique may be a tool to help get there but it's not the end of the journey... technique is not art.

We have all seen, heard, tasted and experienced excellent pieces – a sink full of technique, but somehow without substance. Great skill but, gee... it's missing something. The kitchen may be tidy but it's been tidy before.

Technique is all about the 'how.' Inspiration is about the 'why.' And when we focus on the message, how we get there (all the tricks and technology and sparkle) begins to matter less.

We concentrate on technique while we learn. Then, for the lucky few, there comes a magical time when knowingly or unknowingly, we make the giant leap from scrubbing pots to producing passion. The work makes a statement. It comes from the heart. It is art.

It is inspirational.



  1. Spoken as a true artist!


  2. Fantastic, Rand! (except for the part about your passion for washing dishes - but hey, we all have our quirks!)

  3. Thanks Patricia, I thought you'd glom onto this for some reason!