Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A 2014 Message To Your Secret Identity

We all have a number of different roles we take on, depending on who we are, where we are and who we are with at the moment: parent, lover, professional, garbage-taker-outer, clown, miracle worker, couch potato, sports fan, Grand Poobah barbeque chef, dishwasher, super hero... And then we have this private person inside of us ~ our secret identity.

Your secret identity is the you that speaks quietly when no one else is around. It's the you that holds onto your dreams, and the you who understands and lends comfort in those private moments when you're confused or hurting. It's the invisible part of you that puts the twinkle in your eyes when good things take shape and nags at the back of your mind when things are off track. It's the person who knows you best and is always there, in the background, while you're busy making others laugh, fighting crime or cheering on your team.

May 2014 find your secret identity safe, healthy and happy.

Cheers, Rand


  1. I really like this post. I may spend my day thinking about my secret identity and other people's too. Pretty sure my costume doesn't have a rubber nose or cape though :) Stay warm!