Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Good Thing About Bad Situations

"For your condition you are in great condition" ~ Hawkeye

We've all been there. Right there where we really don't want to be and where we never figured on being. But one thing leads to another... and we end up making the best out of the situation. And if we're really, really lucky we come out the other end a better person, even if things are a bit different.

There's been a lot of professional online chatter lately about how it's okay to make mistakes as long as we have the right attitude and we learn something. But there isn't a lot being said about those who unfortunately find themselves somewhere they have to put up with a situation that they didn't ask for; but find themselves in nonetheless.

Things like illnesses. Things like disabilities. For those of us either inside looking out or on the outside looking in; who find it in ourselves to perform actions of care, then that teaches us something about ourselves.

In the end it is up to each of us how much we take away and ultimately how much we grow because of it. Some already know that hope for ourselves is built from compassion and caring for others. Even if we have our own troubles.

Here's hoping everyone this holiday season will remember that others are putting up with being where they don't want to be and making the best of it.

And a kind thought is a gift.


  1. T'is the season to feel every ache and pain from seasons past, and that's even without real illness to deal with. My best advice for the day is to cuddle your cute pets and watch a comedy on tv, or if you feel really inspired, paint something. You've got my kind thoughts this Christmas. Eat cookies :)

  2. My mother, who has come from Montréal to spend this holiday season at our place, was ranting about the unfairness of growing old. She says the first thing she'll ask the Lord once she comes face to face with him is why he allows old people to endure pain and suffering (both physical and psychological). After all, haven't they struggled enough?

    My parents are in great shape. They are healthy, mobile, take no medication. Not bad for a 75 and a 79-year old. But they are both struggling with adapting to hearing loss as well as a general loss of physical strength - something they never really anticipated. It eats away at their independence in insidious ways.

    They didn't ask to find themselves like this. It especially doesn't keep them from capably making decisions for themselves. It irritates them when we rush them. Damn! That's something else they have to cope with!

    Whatever challenges I face in future, I hope I face with flexibility and determination - and if those around me perceive me as wishy-washy and stubborn, I hope I retain the communication skills to show them the difference.

    Life takes guts to live it well. You keep it up, Rand. And like Linda says: eat cookies.

    Want some of my carrot cake?

    1. Appreciate your sharing that perspective, Lynn Marie. Insidious is a good term! Keeping it up is my middle name (haha). Still working my way through some gift treats. Thanks for the offer of carrot cake but you guys hang onto it. Cheers!