Thursday, January 27, 2011

Old Site/New Site

You may already know that we've been busy working on a rebrand for the McMaster Savings and Credit Union (loved by but not officially affiliated with the University) and one of the largest components of the exercise (after the logo itself) is the redesign of their web site and other collateral. Thanks to the talents of co-workers Steve (the Great) and Simon (the Supreme), we've cobbled together a striking but simple site that combines functionality and highlights benefits in an uncluttered and striking manner. (The top image, if you haven't figured it out by now, is the old site.)

The large visual on the home page, now showing a key message from the brand strategy, will be used over time as a billboard of sorts. This image and the message below will be changed to reflect ongoing marketing activities in order to add a consistency of messaging across all media (print and broadcast ads, brochures, bus shelters, direct mail, etc.) and build brand equity.


  1. Congrats on the new site. Much better!! Glad to see the vending machines are getting better too, and no, I won't be eating haggis!

  2. Hiya Linda! 1) Thanks! 2) It's a long convalescence, and 3) me neither! (ugh)

  3. Ah, Dear Rand..!! This looks again more creative and different from the earlier one.
    I love Rand who turns inward for a little while.. No, certainly for long ' No He '.. I's wondering that you blogged new ones in the meanwhile. By the by your photo profile with your slanting face,glasses and lights and shades- all presenting a more robust dynamite and intellectual Rand..!!
    With love, only love and love ever
    Prof. Subbu

  4. Prof. Subbu, as always I am honored by your comments from India! Thank you, as I thank all for taking the time to leave their thoughts :o)