Sunday, January 23, 2011

Deep Freeze Birdhouse

Minus double digit temps and an outing with the dog prompted this shot of an old birdhouse I'd bought several years ago from a locally well-known craftsman in rural Nova Scotia.

Have been playing with a free app for the iPhone called Instagram which allows you to take a photo, apply one of several filters and post it to the Instagram site to share (and at the same time post them to your social media sites).

Here are two examples of the filters available... trés neat!


  1. Very cool. The wife and I bought a birdhouse made from old barn siding. Found it on Ebay. This reminded me of that one.

  2. Thanks Ron, honored by your visit. I had a lighthouse fetish for a while. I feel better now...

  3. Yeah I got it now - is it contagious?