Saturday, January 29, 2011

Art In Reflection

When we focus our eyes a bit differently; when we open up our minds to new directions... a window becomes not only something to look into but a refection of the culture that surrounds us.

Consider the possibility that the gift of creativity is inherent all of us who learn to pause in our busy day to be observant and find expression in obtuse things – even accidental imagery in a computer screen.

The act of 'noticing' gives us the opportunity to lose ourselves in the only alternative universe readily available to us all. It is a quality of vision that people normally find intrusive and ignore. But choosing to enter this universe allows a coffee pot to be infused with a dynamic once unnoticed.

Reflected back to us, the world becomes somehow much less threatening and perhaps a bit wonderfully reversed. 

And what was just a car window becomes blue skies, visible while looking down... and not up.

"Happiness resides in imaginative reflection and judgment." George Santayana (1863 – 1952. Spanish philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist) 


  1. I like it - an interesting reflection on the art of observation and its relation to comprehension and creativity.

  2. Thanks WW and mac! Appreciate your... um appreciations... :o)