Wednesday, January 19, 2011

See and Say

I see what people are saying for the most part.

Seeing what people are saying is not just listening, but you knew that. Gathering meaning from people's words is not just a matter of hearing but it's a cognitive experience; inserting wisdom, intuition and interpretation behind the words and therefore attributing value to what otherwise is a mere string of words.

When we're lucky, words become not just words. Strung together in a magical manner they become visions, concepts, ideas – with bonus thoughts sprouting and growing new, fresh experiences.

Great leaders inspire with words. Friends console, validate and invigorate with them. Wonderful personalities around us help us give shape and meaning to our lives, prompting us to do more; daring us to stretch ourselves and become something more than we ever possibly could have without them.


  1. Very nicely written piece! Good inspiration, friend.

  2. And I thank you Patricia. I'm honored...

  3. Hi! I have an award for you! Please visit me, where you may find it and share with other blogging friends!

  4. Linda, Congrats and appreciate the mention!