Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oh. My. A. Website.

With the preponderance of miracles happening on the interweb these days, I suppose it was inevitable that one would pop up and allow this technically all-thumbs, non-back-end creative type to come up with a web site. Admittedly a simple site, it's the result of a few hours on a Saturday messing about on a site called (with time out to search for my scissors when they were sitting right beside my laptop, plus multiple treks to the kitchen only to wonder what I went to the kitchen for, and of course time to yell at the cat) has resulted in a hallmark in the annals of history just possibly worthy of note.

Over the last day or so I checked out a few site builders, through mere (almost morbid) curiosity, and I ended up here. The good thing is you can choose between HTML5 based (for multiple device compatibility) or Flash based (for glitz). I chose the HTML5 direction. The site offers a number of templates to tinker with which delighted me because I love tinkering with what other people have done.

It's intended to be a personal work in progress, and somehow the title "Rand Until Now" seemed appropriate. You don't want to say "that's all there is" afterall. I then thought, gee Rand, you should give it a proper name so went to CIRA and registered, which seemed appropriate, given that's my name and all (and it was surprisingly available). Now, with the URL, when people go there's no mention of Cubender and folks think I'm a genius. Which I am of course, just not at coding.

So, I guinea pigged it for you. Check it out. Tell 'em I sent you. :o)


  1. Looks great, Rand.

    What I still can't figure out, though, is why you would possibly register the website under that particular name. ;)

    (Just pulling your virtual leg) - I hope 2013 is good to you, my friend.

  2. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all!

  3. Coffee and doughnuts for free, I guess. That won't do a lot of money for you but you may make some new friends Mr. Que Bender.

    1. There's a Tim Horton's half a block away Andrew. Pick up your fav. :)

  4. NICE! Site and story! LI Updates told me about it.