Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Male Pattern Bafflegabbin'

Spending some say with main man Ray
He don't got no way of nothin' to say
Portray and sashay all you may
All Ray say is a shady-heydy-hey

Rollin' kookie moves from boddum to detop
Cop rides do the doo-wop to the big bebop
Moves ain't boughten in no jive-ass shop
Doo wop 'n shoo bop 'til you drop.

I may be a nutteroonie but I'm not unaware of the worldishness around me. Patterns of weirdiocrity predominate as we progressitate as a humanility into a new year. News media becoming opinionators. Leaders of people committing citizencide. People who figure they can't meet with people because of the precedentations it might set. Any conversation about issueations brings out crazisaurises. And I always thought that bafflegabbitors was meant to be entertaining confugabblelations for youngsters to squeal in delight. Silly nonsensity meant for giggleheadilating. Instead, I find myself in a worldidity where the ridicularitishishness is the normalitization.

I'm into it.