Sunday, December 19, 2010

In Defense of The Humble Bubble

Lately, it's been quite trendy to see the bubble as a passing entity not worthy of consideration. After all, its only function is to ultimately burst.

The world of commerce and politics has relegated the simple bubble to a status of pure evil: the antithesis to what experts would like to sell us as "long term solutions". Media reports of real estate bubbles, the .com bubble, and sad souls living life in a bubble all seemingly support the modern redefinition of the term "bubble" as an entity not worthy of consideration and something to be readily shunned. Bubbles are transitory, not permanent and therefore untrustworthy and fleeting. Bubbles are bad. Bad, bad, bad.

In defense of the humble bubble, I offer this: Since childhood we've blown bubbles, made bubbles, watched bubbles rise and witnessed them pop. We've taken glee in bubble baths, taken comfort with a refreshing carbonated beverage on a hot day, soothed ourselves by the side of a bubbling brook, and even bubbled over ourselves at times.

Truth is, life is an effervescence with a limitless supply of bubbles. And the act of a bubble bursting is a quite wonderful passing of energy from one sphere of existence to another... and that when one pops it makes room for others to follow. May you have a never-ending supply of thoughts bubbling to the surface... Cheers, Rand

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  1. You can NOT have a discussion without a nod to the perfect bubbles which pop the cork, rise to the surface of the perfect champagne glasses, tickle noses and lead to profuse giggling!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR too!!!