Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Cow of Turin

Isn't it great that we give ourselves the gift of faith in so many miraculous ways? Some miracles come dressed in religious garb, some in everyday clothes and others to suit purely private tastes.

The Shroud of Turin and the debate surrounding its authenticity notwithstanding (no disrespect intended in the visual above), religious images have been reported in varied media as cloud photos, Marmite, chapatis, shadows, Cheetos, tortillas, trees, dental x-rays, cooking utensils, windows, rocks and stone, painted and plastered walls, pancakes, tree bark, and toast.

Images have been recorded in the glass fa├žade of a finance building in Clearwater, Florida, a fence in Coogee, Australia, a hospital in Milton, Massachusetts, and a felled tree in Passaic, New Jersey.

Images of the Virgin have also been reported on a rock in Ghana, an underpass in Chicago, a lump of firewood in Janesville, Wisconsin; a chocolate factory in Fountain Valley, California; and a pizza pan in Houston, Texas. A grilled cheese sandwich, a pretzel and a pebble said to resemble images of the Virgin Mary have been offered for sale on internet auction sites.

All this may appear silly to some but it seems to me, that whatever one's beliefs, wherever or whenever our imaginings lead us to solace, it is a wonderful place to be.

Happy times to all for the New Year. Peace. Rand


  1. Happy and peaceful new year Rand!

  2. Am honoured A.H. Thank you. And thanks for visiting.