Sunday, December 12, 2010

Empirical Evidence of the Passage of Time

I've been somewhat worried about the passage of time lately. I've honestly thought at times that it just isn't happening.

Why? Progress on issues (many of them of global import) seemed to be at a standstill. If you close your eyes you can almost hear the crickets chirping, even in December.

So I set out to do a simple experiment over the last month to give myself (and you folks) some assurance that time is indeed passing. But I didn't want to do it haphazardly. I wanted to be able to validate...

In scientific terms, "empirical" refers to the gathering of data using only evidence that is observable by the senses or in some cases using calibrated scientific instruments. I took this approach because if I were to just tell you about my experience, it would then become anecdotal evidence (not good). So I set up the camera to record my observations.

So, here is my report (above). And I'm pleased to announce that the passage of time is still happening, although sometimes we have to look in strange places to see it happening.

It gives me some hope...


  1. Hey buddy, way too much paper, for just one man! But I do understand.

    Me, I just look in the mirror, sadly. :)

  2. Time passes much more quickly in our house - or is that more people are watching time roll by?

    Funny about the mirror. When I look, I rarely see the passage of time. I just see me, the way I feel, which is often about the same as when I was 18 or 26 or 30. I don't mind the wrinkly, jiggly bits; they're all mine, and they all work. And they keep me feeling just like me.