Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Whoosh You Hear...

Reaching people in order to 'plug' (sorry) a good cause and enlist support and donations does not necessarily mean a picture of a woeful child with tears in their eyes. That tactic got old decades ago but remains a mainstay for charities. Fresh approaches can look past that and break through the charity clutter to demonstrate to target audiences 1) the need, and 2) that the viewer can be a part of the solution. Here, hard statistics from a reputable source provide the impact. Imagery provides a depiction of issue/solution.

All that's missing in this rough concept is the contact information. Or maybe it's not missing and is just an overall thought meant to give people the opportunity to choose their own path... hmmm...


  1. This is good! It pulled at me. It didn't make me feel guilty; it made me feel powerful.

    My drain plus is so small :( but I use it :)