Saturday, October 31, 2009

Recognition in Bronze

The Canadian Association on Substance Abuse, a national organization, required the design of an award to honour important contributions to the field once a year. What's more, the award would be given at Government House (home of the Governor General of Canada) in an elaborate ceremony. Something appropriate was necessary. And that didn't mean flipping through catalogues of bowling trophies.

Teaming up with a foundry in Plantagenet, a dozen bronze statues were produced from the original wax - produced with the valuable guidance and encouragement of Bruce Garner and his wife Tamaya.

The result? A 10" bronze, depicting three androgynous figures climbing out of the bonds of substance abuse, each helping another as they push and pull their way to success...


  1. Just going through your older posts and this caught my eye. Beautiful in it's strength through adversity - very powerful theme. Are any on display anywhere?

  2. Thank you! I don't know of any on display, apart from those awarded. The CCSA gave out the first edition and about 6 years ago commissioned a second version, smaller for ongoing recognition awards.

    I learned late last year that Bruce Garner, artist and owner of the foundry, was hurt in an fall and is now in long-term care. He continues to draw daily.