Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prompting Participation

In progress: further rough concept exercising. Objective: to prompt awareness and engage men in prostate cancer checkups - without falling too too far into stereotypical patterns. (Plus, my first and probably last experience as a hand model...)

Hmmmm... whatcha think?


  1. Before even reading, what I saw on the sober invitation background was the formal white-gloved hand of a servant or waiter, the finger poised to order further comforts and luxury. The text was a surprise, but the juxtaposition of my thoughts and the actual message made the message more powerful.

  2. Thanks Lynn Marie! I didn't think of the 'ordering' meaning to the gesture but you're right, it is how someone does so... what's the old funny line? "Gargoyle, more food!"

  3. O Garcon!

    I like it - culd play with the tag a the bottom a bit perhaps.